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California based stylist and men’s style expert Ashley North has a client list that includes some of Hollywood’s most influential men. Ashley got her start working alongside Grammy award winning superstars ‪Usher‬ Raymond and ‪Justin Bieber‬ to later styling the likes of J.Cole, Dashon Goldson, Jordan Clarkson, Ricky Whittle and comedian/film star Kevin Hart. Ashley is known for successfully turning emerging talent into best dressed A-listers. Here, she talks about the inspiration behind her latest business venture, beauty must-haves and what motivates her to keep pushing the needle forward.

Morning Ritual:

First thing in the morning I say a prayer, I’m big on affirmations and intention. After I set my intention for the day I get the girls up and ready for school.

Skincare Regime:

I wear less makeup as possible, I like to keep my pores as clean as I can. I also get monthly facials and use products by Acne Expert in between visits. I spend 7 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night on just skincare. I love facial massages, and I am really into jade rollers.

Daily Wellness Practice:

I drink 8-10 bottles of water daily. I know this sounds cliche, but candles really calm me and just give me overall peace. I light a candle in the morning while I’m getting ready for the day and always when I disconnect at night.

Workout Routine:

I workout 3x a week with Body by Calvin focusing on strength training along with intense cardio so I can continue to eat my cookies lol.


How many hours of sleep do you require to be at your best?
I’m at my best when I receive 8 hours of sleep. I look rested and feel energized.

On Being an Entrepreneur:

Being an entrepreneur is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever embarked on.

Inspiration Behind Your Candle Collection:

The inspiration behind my candle collection is my belief that creativity stems from self-expression, whether it be in your home or your personal style. I created the candles with beautiful and fresh scents that ignite some of my most favorite memories. My collection is influenced by the people and places I love. I am inspired by the idea that a candle can truly set the mood for your home. Every candle is hand poured and curated with love. What started as a hobby is now a full blown business. As we set to launch our first in-store activation all I can say is…God is so good!

Give us 3 sentences explaining how you keep it all together:

I set out to have good intentions everyday. I pray to be the best me so that I can protect and be there for my family, I am the rock of us all so I pray a lot for strength. I communicate with my fiancé, kids, brand manager and my mom everyday that really keeps me grounded as communication is a big deal for me.

What’s your Movita? (Motivation):

My girls, they just do it for me!

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