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Blessings on blessings! This week’s episode is a double portion of inspiration. Bishop T.D. Jakes (@bishopjakes) will motivate your spirit, and Tonya Lewis Lee (@tonyalewislee) will motivate your mind and body. Cori and Charli’s cup overflowed with joy when Bishop T.D. Jakes came to NYC while promoting his new book, Crushing. The bishop gave the hosts a loving read about manifesting vision and the reality of success. Meanwhile, producer, author, and entrepreneur, Tonya Lewis Lee, brought her Brooklyn vibes to the studio to dish on how she stays fit and fabulous, plus spill the tea on all things Nola Darling, in season two of She’s Gotta Have it. Keep the comments coming! Hit up Cori (@corimurray) and Charli (IG @charlipenn / Twitter @manwifedog). Be sure to tag #yesgirlpodcast.