28 Day Challenge with Tonya Lewis Lee

Hello there,

Thank you for joining us on this 28 day challenge to get 2020 off to a strong start, taking care of your body through inner and outer work.

“Self Care is not self-indulgence, Self-care is self preservation and political warfare”

—Audre Lorde

Every day I will share with you my journal, as I track my progress, mainly incorporating more fitness into my daily routine, because for me I need to be strong so that I can take care of my family. That’s my MoVita! What’s yours? What is your motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Share with me your goals in the comments below. And on social don’t forget to use the hashtag: #28daymovitachallenge

In Health & Wellness,

Tonya Lewis Lee
Mother, Wife, Producer, Movita Organics Founder

Thought of the Day: Today is a Great Day

6:00 AM – I take a Movita multivitamin as soon as I wake up with a glass of water

7:00 AM – I drink Coffee and read the paper

8:00 AM – I go to the gym, and do 45 minutes of elliptical or take a fitness class

My Breakfast: A homemade blueberry, spinach, almond butter smoothie.

10:00 AM – I’m on a call with one of my partners

My Lunch: A fresh salad made at home or purchased at my neighborhood salad bar.

4: 00 PM – I snack on pistachios nuts, if I feel the urge. And of course I carry around my Movita water bottle reminding myself to drink water throughout the day.

7:00 PM – Dinner time! Wanna know what I eat ?

11:00 PM – Dreaming