Tonya Opens Up About Self Care & Her Plans for 2020

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Share on pinterest As a Black woman, what is self-care for you, and how do you continually practice it?

Tonya Lewis Lee: Self-care starts with treating myself with kindness and not beating myself up over what I’m not doing, what I wish I were doing more of or things of the past. It’s about thinking of ways to take care of myself mentally, spiritually, and physically so I can be the absolute greatest version of my best self. I’m at a certain age, where I fully realize that life is stages and phases. It’s a never-ending ongoing journey, but hopefully, it’s towards self-improvement and always trying to be better.

I’m at a certain age, where I fully realize that life is stages and phases. 2020 is here. How do you plan on continuing the conversation about the importance of women’s health, wellness, and sexuality past the silver-screen?

TLL: I am so excited about this year, especially surrounding the topics of women’s health, women’s reproductive health, and healthy families. I recently joined the board of March of Dimes. I’m excited because the March of Dimes focuses on the health of women and stronger babies with an emphasis on the disparity between black mothers and infants than that of whites in the United States. I’m continuing with my vitamin line Movita Organics, and we’re in discussions to expand. I’m potentially creating a podcast where I can bring together all types of stakeholders to talk more about these topics. One thing I have come to realize, when women come together specifically with the agenda of talking about health and wellness, it is a powerful thing.

I look forward to creating these spaces and participating in lots of conversations in 2020 around health and wellness, especially for Black women. The more we talk about it, the better we all get.

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