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Nutrients in Nature: The Eco-Essentials of Vitamin D and B-Complex

December 20, 2023 • By Movita Life

Movita Organics bridges the gap between nature and nutrition, offering the best vitamin supplement solutions that align with every customer. 

In pursuing a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, understanding the relationship between our environment and essential vitamins is key. Factors like sunlight exposure, dietary choices, and geographical location majorly influence the availability and absorption of two vital nutrients—vitamin D3 and B-complex. 

LEARN: Bioavailability, a common term in nutritional science, refers to the proportion of a nutrient consumed, that the body absorbs and utilizes. This metric gauges the effectiveness of nutrient absorption and utilization within our bodies. Therefore, understanding bioavailability is crucial since  current research shows that our bodies are not absorbing enough key nutrients as a result of  environmental conditions and dietary choices.

Vitamin D3 in Nature:

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health, immune function, and overall well-being. Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin our bodies naturally make when our skin is exposed to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays and can also be found in certain foods. These foods are primarily sourced from animal products, including fish oil and lanolin—a substance extracted from sheep's wool. People who do not follow this diet have decreased nutritional selections to receive vitamin D3. In addition, people who live in regions with limited sunlight, present challenges in naturally acquiring amounts of vitamin D3. The reliance on alternative sources or supplementation becomes important to ensure optimal vitamin D3 levels in the body. 

Movita Organics recognizes the significance of vitamin D3 in supporting your health journey. Movita's vitamin D3 is a bioavailable and in organic form of this essential nutrient, sourced from high-quality, natural ingredients. The proprietary fermentation process ensures greater absorption rates, providing you with the optimal dietary support your body needs!

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B-Complex in Nature:

Vitamin B-complex is a symphony of B vitamins and a powerhouse that provides support for your brain, heart, cells, energy, and mood. Movita’s B-complex is composed of eight B vitamins: B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B5 (Pantothenic Acid), B6 (Pyridoxine), B7 (Biotin), B9 (Folic Acid) and B12 (Cobalamin). B12 is unique in that it may be produced in the skin when exposed to sunshine. Diets rich in various foods, such as meats, dairy, nuts, and vegetables, contribute to higher B-vitamin intake; however, dietary limitations, food scarcity, and geographical location can all affect intake accessibility. Whether you reside in a city or in nature, Movita's B-complex supplement ensures consistent and reliable support. 

Movita’s vitamin B-complex is a group of vitamins that often work synergistically. Our formula is free from fillers, toxins, or oxidants, ensuring you get the purest form of B vitamins. Movita is among a few companies that have organic fermented vitamin D, aligning with both consumer preferences and environmental sustainability. The patented fermentation process we use for all our vitamins creates enhanced bioavailability and absorption of crucial nutrients.

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The availability of many essential nutrients can be strongly tied to environmental factors. Take the time to study your intake recommendations, based on your dietary or geographic environment. It is vital for a well-informed personal health journey to start with research. Made in the U.S. with 100% traceable, non-GMO ingredients. Movita Organics provides natural, high-quality, easy-to-take tablets, made with organic vegetables and herbs, and can be taken on an empty stomach.

For further nutrition and dietary recommendations

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Vitamin D3 Daily Intake Recommendations:

  • Infants (0-12 months):
    • Recommended Intake: 400 IU (10 mcg) per day.
  • Children (1-18 years):
    • Recommended Intake: 600 IU (15 mcg) per day.
  • Adults (19-70 years):
    • Recommended Intake: 600 IU (15 mcg) per day.
  • Adults (71 years and older):
    • Recommended Intake: 800 IU (20 mcg) per day.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women:
    • Recommended Intake: 600 IU (15 mcg) per day.

Vitamin B-Complex Daily Intake Recommendations:

  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine):
    • Adults (19 years and older): 1.1 mg per day for males; 1.1 mg per day for females.
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin):
    • Adults (19 years and older): 1.3 mg per day for males; 1.1 mg per day for females.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin):
    • Adults (19 years and older): 16 mg per day for males; 14 mg per day for females.
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):
    • Adults (19-50 years): 1.3 mg per day for males; 1.3 mg per day for females.
    • Adults (51 years and older): 1.7 mg per day for males; 1.5 mg per day for females.
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate/Folic Acid):
    • Adults (19 years and older): 400 mcg per day for males and females.
    • Pregnant women: 600 mcg per day.
    • Breastfeeding women: 500 mcg per day.
  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin):
    • Adults (19 years and older): 2.4 mcg per day for males and females.

(Research sourced by the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2023 Conference, Intermountain Health, and the National Institutes of Health Research (NIH))

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