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Organic Vitamin D3 Pouch 2500 IU

(2 customer reviews)


30 tablets
✓ Supports bones, teeth, heart, immunity and mood
✓ Take 1 tablet a day
✓ Take on an empty stomach or with food
✓ Easy to carry resealable pouch
✓ 30-day money-back guarantee
✓ Made in the USA

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A Daily Boost of Sunshine For Common Vitamin D Deficiency. Convenient Resealable Pouch Made from Recycled Material.

Your body uses UVR from the sun to create vitamin D for healthy bones, immune health, mood and energy. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in America. There are many causes of the deficiency, including an indoor lifestyle, sunblock and higher melanin in darker skin tones. Melanin absorbs the UVR your body needs to make vitamin D.

Maintaining an adequate level of Vitamin D (or "sunshine vitamin") throughout the year can be difficult. Movita's Organic Vitamin D3 helps your body absorb the essential calcium and phosphorus needed to maintain your body, strengthen immunity, balance your mood and boost energy.

Organic Fermented Vitamin D3 Can Be Hard to Find. So We Engineered One.

  • Promotes immune function and respiratory health
  • Supports energy & mood health
  • Provides essential support for bone and joint health
  • Supports your teeth, heart and muscle health
  • Essential for calcium and phosphorous absorption
  • Fermented for high absorption by your body

Uniquely High Absorption - Movita's patented-fermentation process creates natural nutrient-rich supplements with higher bioactivity than conventional vitamins.

A Boost for Brain and Mood - Research has shown that vitamin D's role in serotonin & melatonin regulation can improve overall brain health, mood and even, sleep.

· Certified USDA Organic
· Certified Non-GMO
· Certified gluten-free
· Meat-free, dairy-free and egg-free
· Allergen-free for shellfish and nuts
· Made in the USA
· Contains soy


Vitamin Amount per Serving: Vitamin D3*+ 62.5 mcg (2500IU)

%DV** 313%

Other Ingredients: Organic Gum Arabic+, Organic Long Grain Brown Rice+, Silicon Dioxide, Coating+(Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Guar Gum).

*Fermented Ingredient
Fermentation media: Organic Soy Flour+, Organic Gum Arabic+, Organic Yeast+, L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, L. rhamnosus, Organic Saower Oil+, Bromelain, Papain.

Ingredients marked with "+" are Certified Organic

2 reviews for Organic Vitamin D3 Pouch 2500 IU

  1. Thelma M

    Hey peeps, I have purchased this companies multi vitamin and we're good meaning my body liked, so I received an electronic ad about Vitamin D and had been looking for a vitamin D with this covid drama going on so I ordered with the discount so the price point was nice however my body did not like the vitamin D I don't know what I'm having a reaction to but every time I take a pill I end up with a stuffy nose which is the same reaction I get when I'm allergic to something like weeds or grass anyways it was worth the shot

  2. Thelma Miller

    I ordered and took the vitamin D3 for the first time also and I'm not sure what my body does not like but every time I took a pill I ended up with a stuffy nose and head I could not finish the pack other than that and the vitamin seem to be well on my digestive system no skin issues or any other changes and price point is good for a quality product

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