Qui Camper Talks Health, Wellness, and the Importance of Being Consistent

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Qui Camper is a certified celebrity personal trainer and longtime fitness enthusiast. Having been hailed by her cult-like social following as “body goals”, we couldn’t pass up the chance to sit down with her to talk about all things health, wellness, entrepreneurship, and of course her workout routine.

Morning Ritual:

Before I hit the floor before I get out of bed I give thanks to God. I mentally create a positive space to carry throughout the day. Then I have a balanced breakfast of 3-4 boiled eggs(one yolk), 2 strips of low sodium turkey bacon, a handful of blueberries, a piece of toast, and a cup of joe. Then I prepare for my day!

Skincare Regime:

I use a daily cleanse and moisturizer by Fré Skin Care along with their mask 2 times a week. I drink a lot of water and stay clear of acidic foods/drinks.

Daily Wellness Practice:

Lately, my daily wellness practice has been making sure all my meals are prepped, I get at least a 30-minute workout, keep a positive mindset, pray often, and make a daily to-do list.

Workout Routine:

I typically workout 4-5 times a week. Since I’m always in the gym I try to keep my workouts fun and effective.


On a good night I’m going for at least 7 hrs! If I have homework to do I try my best for 5 hours.

On Being an Entrepreneur:

Being an entrepreneur was one of the best yet scariest decisions I’ve ever made! This meant I had to totally rely on myself to fail or get it right! Of course, I’ve failed once or twice but from experience, it gave me insight on what not to do the next time….trial and error. I feel being an entrepreneur, I wanted to remain myself….not conform to another personal trainer or wellness coach style. I learned that by being myself, creating my own style, that made my business super personal and unique. Leaving me with limitless ways to both change and evolve.

What inspired you to venture into the fitness/wellness industry?

What seemed to be therapy for me, working out daily became something I was good at, through research and study. After assisting a coworker on losing a substantial amount of weight I decided to take the test in becoming a personal trainer and here I am almost 5 years later.

Give us 3 sentences explaining how you keep it all together:

I pray often. I keep a “penciled in” schedule. I say NO if I feel overwhelmed.

What’s your Movita? (Motivation):

My Movita has become knowing I have people depending on my strength, hard work, and consistency, starting at home, and spilling all the way into my social media platform. I love what I do!

Photographer credit: Keith Williams (c) 2019