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Ingredients Matter

Movita Ingredients

Our Ingredients

We start with pure and organic whole foods––never synthetics. We all know that whole foods are better than refined (think whole wheat versus refined flour). The same is true of our vitamins. Refined, synthetic vitamins isolate a nutrient and rob it of the full benefit of its nutritional value and are harder to digest. We prefer to stick to the good stuff––just as nature intended.

We have engineered blend of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that work synergistically to deliver optimal results. Our selections are designed to enhance the efficacy of each ingredient. When everyone gets along; it’s sympatico.

Our Proprietary GPM™ Process

Starting with the best organic, whole foods, we individually culture our ingredients in a nutrient-dense, dual live prebiotic and probiotic fermentation process called Glyco Protein Matrix-bound, or GPM™. In this proprietary scientific process, whole foods are converted into glycoproteins––nutrients that are bound to proteins––making them easier to digest and increasing the absorption rate of our vitamins.

The benefits:

  • Up to 60 times more nutrient bioavailability than an average vitamin
  • Vitamins can be taken on an empty stomach
  • GPM-bound nutrients are released slowly for a sustained release
  • Fermentation removes toxins enhancing its antioxidant effect

Proprietary Process