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NY Magazine Asks Tonya Lewis Lee her Favorite Things: Beauty & Wellness Brand

June 10, 2021 • By Movita Life

Featured Segment in NY Mag

Tonya shares the beginnings of her journey to becoming a Women's Health advocate in 2007. She shares her heroine Audre Loure's quote as her personal inspiration. And she offers words of encouragement for women during these complicated times. Movita Organics Founder, Tonya Lewis Lee shares the products she uses every day while supporting her fellow Black Women Wellness Founders. She says these products, ranging from Fenty lipgloss to Matcha Turmeric powder to Movita's Beauty bottle help her show up as the absolute greatest version of herself. Join Tonya in prioritizing your wellness and good health, no matter how many responsibilities you manage.

I’ve found that women must make their own wellness a priority. It’s not easy, but I’ve learned in my own life that I am better able to meet the needs of my family and my work when I treat myself kindly. I founded Movita Organics, my organic-vitamin-supplement collection, from this place.

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