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Jennifer Pauline talks Beauty, Wellness, And Understanding Your Purpose

May 2, 2019 • By Movita Life

Jennifer Pauline has been a creative curator for nearly a decade. Spending time in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Atlanta she has led influencer and public relations for global brands including, Christian Louboutin, Alice & Olivia, and Burberry. Currently, she is responsible for community and brand development for a Global Hospitality Brand, while also curating creative events and dinners around the world.

Morning Ritual:

My mornings are quite diverse, dependent upon if I’m home or on the road. Some mornings I check email straight away, a bad habit that I’m working on. Other mornings I wake up, pray and listen to a podcast or sermon that will fill my mind and spirit before interacting with anyone. Regardless of which comes first, both scenarios happens at some point before I leave the house or hotel. Oh, and when I’m home I make my keto coffee and add in some Diaspora Co. single source turmeric, it’s a morning ritual I love.

Self-Care Regime:

Anything that allows me to be still and feed my soul. That could mean, a conversation with my purpose partner Kevin, cooking, listening to a podcast, watching T.D. Jakes, writing, watching a good movie or simply sitting in silence. I often refer to my disconnection as hibernation, but it’s something that is necessary for me to fill my cup back up.

Daily Wellness Practice:

It starts in the mind, so my focus is to constantly improve my mental fitness. Self-care, affirmations, vulnerability, openness, transparency and self-awareness all contribute to my overall wellbeing.

Knowing that everyday I serve a purpose that is bigger than me.

In what ways do you fuel your body as a working woman constantly on the move?

Listening to my body and getting the rest I need. In a society where being busy is glorified, I’m learning the power of resting, resetting and refreshing. Not to be confused with sleep, rest means to cease work or movement in order to recover one's self. When the demands in your life are high, resting at the appropriate time can be a life or death matter. I can rest for 5 minutes or 5 days, depending on how hectic life is.

Workout Routine:

My favorite workout is Hot Pilates in Los Angeles. When I’m traveling, running through the airport works too. My goal next year is to try more fitness experiences in other cities. Sculpthouse in Atlanta is on my list!

Beaty Product Obsession(s):

NARS Tiber Lip Gloss
NARS Creamy Concealer
Spiced Sugah Awakening Scalp Oil
Spiced Sugah Rose Body Butter
Zenobia’s Sweet Love Perfume Oil

Business Mantra:

No matter the circumstances, show up as your full self, lose your ego, learn the lessons and remember you were called, not sent.

Personal Mantra:

I found the light when I realized I was the light.

What’s your Movita? (Motivation):

Knowing that everyday I serve a purpose that is bigger than me.

Photographer credit: Rikki Wright (c) 2019

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