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Interview with expectant mother, Alexandria Lee

September 13, 2019 • By Movita Life

Morning Ritual:

I’m already a mom to a gorgeous toddler. Every morning, I greet him with a smoothie and a snuggle. It’s the best part of my day!

Walk us through what it was like being a working mom-to-be:

I work from home, so I spend the day keeping track of my home and work tasks. I also have spent a good amount of time preparing for the new baby, which includes sorting through all of the things I saved from my first son.

Self-care Regime:

Some people treat massages as a luxury, but for me, it is a basic self-care must. I found a local masseuse who specializes in prenatal massage, worked out a package, and have been going as often as possible.

Pregnancy style must-haves:

High-waisted leggings! Not only do they provide support for my huge belly, but they also make me feel slim and sleek, which is a miracle in the third trimester of pregnancy.

What is your mom to be must-haves:

I’ve really been pushing myself to drink more water. I have a sports container that holds a gallon of water. It’s huge and a bit of a pain to carry around. But, lugging it reminds me to drink and gives me a little extra arm workout.

I’m motivated by my desire to build a healthy family and to make a positive impact on my community.

Alexandria Lee | Movita Life


How will you continue to nurture yourself from the inside out post-baby?

I will continue to take my prenatal vitamins and focus on eating balanced healthy meals.

Daily Wellness Practice:

Writing keeps me sane. I try to write three reflective pages every morning to start my day; it’s not exactly journaling, because it’s not meant to be seen later. I write as a way to tap into my deeply held concerns and to find the solutions to those concerns that I believe are within me.

Style Philosophy as a working mom on the go:

I like to be comfortable, stylish, and functional. I usually bring the style through bold prints and colors. The function comes through flowing tops that allow me to lift and bend without exposing unwanted parts. The comfort is always in the shoes I wear, which has changed dramatically from my younger single days. I now opt for a lot more flats.

Workout Routine:

I’ve taken up water aerobics. I’ve become the pregnant younger woman in a pool of elderly retirees. Who knew water aerobics was such a fun way to exercise? It’s been especially great in the summer months!


I’ve struggled with sleep since my second trimester of pregnancy. It’s so frustrating because this is a time when I wanted to store up needed sleep. But, my vivid dreams often wake me up and then worrying keeps me awake. I sometimes take a gentle over-the-counter sleep aid to regulate my sleep and it helps a lot.

What advice would you give a working mom to be on keeping it all together?

I’d advise any mom to be patient and forgiving to herself. I was riddled with expectations and subsequent guilt. In the end, I had to consistently remind myself that I’m growing a whole human. I had to honor myself and cherish such a special and finite time.

Best advice you received during your pregnancy:

Write to yourself thank you cards and love letters to read at various stages of your baby’s life (e.g. “To: Alex when Baby Harris is 3 months old From Alex 6 months pregnant”). In the letters to yourself express gratitude, share your hopes, and remind yourself of what it was like during your pregnancy. I did this with my first son and will do it again!

What’s Your Movita? (what motivates you):

I’m motivated by my desire to build a healthy family and to make a positive impact on my community.

All photographs by Kristine Boel (c) 2019

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