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Trinity Mouzon Wofford on Business, Wellness and Making a Difference

February 9, 2019 • By Movita Life

Trinity Mouzon Wofford is the Founder and CEO of Golde, a brand making feel-good solutions for beauty and wellness. Trinity was first exposed to the natural wonders of holistic health while growing up in Hudson River Valley. While pre-med at NYU, Trinity pursued her goal of becoming a holistic physician, but ultimately felt conflicted by the lack of accessibility in natural health care. Following a marketing career in the tech world, Trinity returned to her roots in natural health by launching Golde with her partner, Issey Kobori. Inspired to make wellness fun and approachable for consumers, Golde was launched in 2017. Today, Golde has partnered with multiple global brands, including Madwell, Goop, and Urban Outfitters.

To make wellness as easy, engaging and approachable as your favorite beauty products.

Morning Ritual:

I'm a big morning person, so I like to get up as early as possible! I start every morning with one of our turmeric tonic blends. I like to keep things super simple, so usually I'll just do that + hot water. If I want an extra wellness boost, I'll add fresh lemon juice and raw honey. Those are both really great for immunity, and the lemon is alkalizing as well. Following that I'm diving into work — checking emails, social, etc. I love the simple ritual of making my morning tonic. It's a nice way to introduce a moment of quiet in the midst of a busy morning.

Skincare Regime:

I used to be a huge skincare junkie, but now I prefer to keep things really simple. I've found that over-doing it with harsh exfoliants and cleansers actually causes more long-term issues because it strips away your natural barriers. My skin is naturally a bit acne prone and easily scars, so I'm pretty careful with my routine. All of the products I use now are all natural. I'm a big fan of Chidori-ya, a Japanese brand. They have an amazing oil cleansing balm and facial moisturizer that I swear by. I also like Living Libations Best Skin Ever Oil, which you can use as a cleanser or as a moisturizer. Between cleansing and moisturizing I always make sure to do a face mist — right now I'm using Heritage Brand Rose Water. That's it! The biggest new addition to my routine have been a couple of new products we're developing for Golde...more info on that coming soon!

Workout Routine:

I'm not a big fitness junkie. Sometimes I'll get into a zone where I'm working out every day, but most of the time I try to focus more on my diet. I walk a LOT (to 10+ mile days on the weekend are a regular thing) and make sure to stretch. Oh, and my apartment is a 4th floor walk-up.



Sleep is a non-negotiable for me! I love to go to bed really early, like ‪9:30pm‬. I don't use an alarm clock (disrupts your sleep pattern), and generally I find I need ‪around 7-9‬ hours to feel really good. But overall I just try to listen to my body.

On Being an Entrepreneur:

Running a small business is a learning process every single day. It's been so important for me to stick to routines and rituals around beauty, sleep, and wellness because often the work side of my life is incredibly variable.

Inspiration Behind GOLDE:

Our goal was to make wellness and superfoods a little more approachable. We're all about the idea that being well should feel good — health doesn't need to be a punishment or a hard line. We want to meet the consumer where she is in her wellness journey, rather than demanding she completely alter her lifestyle to engage with us.

Give us 3 sentences explaining how you keep it all together:

My biggest go-to for staying organized is lists. I'll make a list every day of every single thing I need to accomplish that day. Without that, I feel totally naked!

What’s your Movita? (Motivation):

To make wellness as easy, engaging and approachable as your favorite beauty products.

All photographs by Issey Kobori (c) 2019

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