We stand for the experimental youth; the few that dare to challenge conventions and break free from the boundaries of conformity. UNDERAGE celebrates the sexually liberated and the empowered, underpinned by a playful spirit. The passion project of designer Ying Shen, UNDERAGE was born less than a year after graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Textile Design. Her background in graphic design equips Ying with a unique take on fashion and a natural flair for visual expression. Defined by bold, striking prints and an unorthodox approach to traditional garment construction, UNDERAGE collections are conceived in-house in Dalston. Always ready to surprise, shock and subvert, collections are inspired by the voracity of youth and the iconic subcultures that challenge societal norms. Think 80s club kids, androgynous heroes and cult movies that celebrate the eclectic and eccentric. Above all, UNDERAGE believe in the power of the people; the misfits, the trailblazers and the rebel spirits of the underground.