Frequently Asked Questions

We start by carefully selecting the ingredients and the combinations of ingredients in every product. Our ingredients must be plant-based. We only use certified-organic fruits, vegetables and herbs that are 100% traceable. The combinations of ingredients must deliver quality and support for a healthier body.

Each ingredient is fermented for higher absorption by your body than conventional vitamins. Our patented process breaks down the nutrients first so the tablets is so gentle that you can take it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Our products are never made with fillers or synthetics. Because healthier living means whole-food nutrients.

Movita products are all made with certified organic whole-foods. Each ingredient is carefully selected for the quality and effectiveness. 

You will notice that Movita ingredients are fruits, vegetables and herbs that you know and are familiar with. For example, some of our ingredients include cabbage sprouts, strawberry, brussel sprouts, hemp seed protein, tumeric, green tea, lavender, etc. 

You can get the details of the ingredients for each product by going to Shop and click on the product.

Yes. All our products are Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.

All our supplementss are plant-base only. They are made with certified-organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Our vitamins are:

  • Meat free
  • Dairy free
  • Egg free

No. Our vitamins are free of shellfish and nuts.

Yes. Our products do not contain meat, dairy, eggs and shellfish. 

Yes. All our products contain soy. We use soy in our fermentation process. 

The main difference between synthetic supplements and whole-food based supplements is that the synthetic supplements are isolated or fractionated pieces of the whole compound.

Our products are not simply extracted or chopped food based ingredients that are then claimed to be whole-food products. Our ingredients begin as certified organic fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on a farm. We then convert these organic whole-food powder ingredients like tumeric powder, cabbage sprout powder, hemp power, etc. 

These organic powders are then fermented for higher absorption by your body than other conventional vitamins.

Fermented vitamins helps your body absorb the nutrients better and is much easier on your stomach (e.g. the nausea.) 

Fermentation breaks down the ingredients to extract natural nutrients and minerals for your body. It’s kind of like that the fermentation process has “pre-digested” for you before you take that pill. 

Because fermentation does the job of extracting the nutrients and minerals first, it is very gentle on your stomach. So go ahead and take it first thing in the morning.

Movita’s fermented nutrients are bounded to glycoproteins. Our whole-food nutrients:

  • are easily digested,
  • are highly active,
  • have significantly higher bioavailability, and
  • have a slow, sustained release making them gentle on your stomach.

For example, GPM iron more closely resembles “heme” form of iron which is found in food, making it easier to digest, more bioavailable, and less likely to cause constipation.

Bioactivity is the effect on or response from living tissue. The bioactivity of a vitamin is generally referring to how it is absorbed by the body and how it impacts the body.

Movita’s bioactive vitamins are made from our patented fermentation process.

Scientific research have found that natural, bioactive vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by the body as they resemble the natural occurring nutrients in your body.  Much more effective than synthetic supplements that are generally cheaper to manufacture.

Bioavailability is the amount of nutrients the body absorbs and uses. Higher bioavailability means your body is absorbing more nutrients and minerals. So less of the vitamin that you take is wasted.

Movita’s unique fermentation process produces high bioavailability and are better absorbed by your body than conventional vitamins.

Fermented vitamin is not as easy to find as you might like. It’s an extra step for most manufacturers so it can be difficult. For example, it’s not easy to find fermented Vitamin D3.

We have a mission to deliver the best products in a woman’s arsenal to power her through her day. This means the vitamins the you take need to be absorbed by your body and not wasted.

To solve the vitamin absorption problems, we developed our own patented fermentation process to produce the high quality that is demanded by you and by our founder, Tonya Lewis Lee.

What is the solution?

Our unique GPM™ (Glycoprotein Matrix bound) fermentation process. Our GPM vitamins and minerals are produced from a nutrient-dense broth that is cultured, converted and bio-transformed by micoorganisms (such as yeast and /or probiotics.)

The vitamins and nutrients are bounded to glycoproteins. Glycoproteins are proteins that are naturally found in the body and so they act as natural “carriers” rather than synthetic ones. Nutrients which are bound to glycoproteins have significantly increased bioavailability compared to conventional vitamins.

 The GPM nutrients have a slow, sustained release and are gentle on the stomach. The resulting product is easily digested and highly active. 

Yes. All our products are made right here in the United States.

Folic acid (Folacin or Folate or vitamin B9) is one of the B group vitamins – B9. The recommended adult daily intake of Folic Acid in the U.S. is 400 mcg from foods or dietary supplements. No common side effects are known. Not consuming enough Folic acid can lead to Folic Acid deficiency. This may result in a type of anemia in which low numbers of large red blood cells occur. Folic Acid in our formula is fermented, which makes it easy to digest. Just like vitamins digested from food. Fermented Folic Acid has greater benefit than unfermented Folate. Therefore, Folic Acid is included in our Multivitamin formula.
Movita Multivitamin does not prevent or treat any disease. Upon diagnosis of iron deficiency, the condition can be treated with iron supplements. The choice of supplement depends upon both the severity of the condition, the required speed of improvement and the likelihood of treatment being effective.

Our organic certifier is ICS. ICS certifies our product as being made with organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. ICS also certifies that Movita is Non-GMO and also gluten-free.

ICS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Where Food Comes From, Inc., specializing in organic, gluten-free and related certification services. ICS was one of the first organic certification companies in the U.S., founded in 1979 as Farm Verified Organic, Inc. by Fred Kirschenmann, a longtime national and international leader in organic and sustainable agriculture. The Company has played an integral role in establishing organic standards and certification processes and procedures over the last 35 years, and continues to be a leader in the organic certification industry today.

We also perform outside independent testing of our products as product quality and safety are key to our company ethos.