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Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassiter on Health, Wellness, and the Power of Intentions

June 3, 2019 • By Movita Life

With over eight years of experience in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassiter educates the Florida community on the multiple benefits of cannabis (MMJ) as medical treatment for chronic pain, mental illness, seizure and inflammation. Beyond engaging patients by providing research-supported data, Dr. Lyn-Lassiter assists them in the medical cannabis card application process in FL. She created the company Ask Doctor Lyn and its user-friendly website to identify, evaluate, and recommend MMJ to qualifying patients. Her medical knowledge, progressive approach to pain management and digital media presence distinguish her as one of the national leading voices for medicinal cannabis policy reform. She graduated with honors from Trinity University (DC) with a Bachelor’s of Science and Meharry Medical College with a degree in Medicine; Dr. Lyn-Lassiter completed her postgraduate emergency medicine training at Morristown Medical Center, a Level I trauma center in New Jersey.

I do this for my family! I’m building a legacy by creating ownership and dispelling preconceived notions about health and cannabis. By recreating the image of a young, black female physician, I’m using my narrative and experience to further catapult black women into positions of power.

Morning Ritual:

I start every day with giving thanks to God for all my blessings - a quick prayer of gratitude before getting into the hustle and bustle of my daily schedule. After completing a 12-hour shift at the hospital overnight, I always rush home to take my 9-year-old daughter, Myla, and 12-year-old niece, Zoe, to school. Together, we create positive energy for a beautiful day, which includes daily affirmations of kindness and appreciation, and blasting trap music to get us energized. We begin every day with intention and purpose to create a meaningful day. Once I get home, I crash into bed for the next seven hours. Working overnights for the last eight years has taken a toll on my skin and my body. Now in my late 30s, I focus on feeding my skin from the inside out, which includes Movita Organics daily multi-vitamins, CBD oil, and juicing.

Self-Care Regime:
All my life, I have suffered with acne prone skin. This was magnified during my pregnancy when I had limited access to prescription strength topical or oral anti-inflammatories. My hormones produced severe cystic acne and skin sensitivity. After my daughter was born, I committed to a skin care regiment--a combination of glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, daily hydration, and sunblock (so necessary when you live in South Florida with consistent sun exposure). In my 20s, I worshiped the sun! Now in my 30s, I do everything possible to protect my skin from sun damage. Growing up in Jamaica, many (myself included) believed that they would not be affected by sun damage because of their beautiful melanin. The importance of sun protection was not taught. As I got older, I invested in my health and my skin. I focus more on prevention and balance: how I take care of my skin and nourish it.

Daily Wellness Practice:
Wellness is mind, body and spirit for me. If I’m not spiritually sound, it is impossible to be my best physically or mentally. Over the last two years, I was consumed with building my company and brand Ask Doctor Lyn (ADL). In addition to practicing Emergency Medicine full time in South Florida and teaching first year medical students at Nova Southeastern University Medical School, I created my company because I saw a void in the education for patients regarding the benefits of CBD and medical cannabis. I use my platform to identify, evaluate, and recommend medical marijuana for qualified patients. My goal of building a brand that will dominate the cannabis education space took me off course spiritually. My faith was tested and I stopped giving thanks to God consistently. I attended church less and only practiced meditation occasionally. In an attempt to get back on track this Spring, I attended a beautiful women’s conference in South Africa. This event helped to propel myself back into a state of purpose and balance. My journey is an intentional, daily commitment to creating and exuding positive energy.


Workout Routine:

My workout routine includes a combination of boxing, weightlifting, and boot camp style workouts. I like to sweat when I workout! Recently, I’ve been including heavier core workouts and running. One of my goals has always been to complete a half marathon, so I switched up my workout routine to include more running. I have been taking Re+PLAY CBD oil to enhance my exercise stamina and repair muscles for faster recovery and minimize soreness.


I require a minimum of 7 hours of rest to be my best self. Quality sleep is sacred for me because I work overnight shifts in the ER. I can’t always afford a full 7 hours of rest, so I take several short naps throughout the day to optimize my best rest.

How Do You Keep It All Together?

Social media will make you look like you have it “all together” even when you don’t! I have learned the importance of creating boundaries and protecting my personal space. This year vulnerability has been a key emphasis of mine. Permitting myself to not feel pressured to have it “all together”. Allowing myself, to be honest with my grief, healing, love, and growth. Respecting my process, I am evolving and my best version of myself is in production as we speak! The key is to be honest, and I can honestly say I know how to make things look good even when I’m struggling on the inside. This year, I recognized the beauty in my pain and began to speak more openly about my journey to healing after the loss of my husband four years ago to gun violence.

What’s Your Movita?

My Movita: I do this for my family! I’m building a legacy by creating ownership and dispelling preconceived notions about health and cannabis. By recreating the image of a young, black female physician, I’m using my narrative and experience to further catapult black women into positions of power.

What's Next For Dr. Lyn?

I am proud to announce that I will be headlining The Wellness House at Essence Festival 2019 from July 5-7 in New Orleans, LA. I have been working closely with Harrington Wellness to develop a customized Ask Doctor Lyn CBD product line focusing on wellness and health prevention launching in the Fall. I will continue to produce my ADL Q&A quarterly column and publish my writing and research to bring my audience the most current information on CBD and cannabis.

Email: [email protected]
Office: (305) 487-0902
IG | Twitter | FB | Youtube: @askdoctorlyn

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