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Challenge Day 6

March 8, 2020 • By Movita Life

Day Six

Today is Yoga Day!!!! This will be such a great treat for myself after the week of working out and especially after the day I had yesterday. It’s important to keep my muscles limber and elongated and Yoga is the best way I know how to do this on my own. How do you recover your body when you have sore muscles or small aches and pains?

Challenge: Sunday is a nice day to reflect and reset. You’ve completed 25% of the 28 day challenge and I’m proud of you. You got this! Today is a nice day to stretch, breathe and journal. What commitments to yourself have you honored in the first 2 months of the New Year? What new challenges do you want to tackle next week? Also, have you been taking your Movita vitamins? Don’t forget feeding your health from the inside out is key, and our Movita Multivitamin is a good place to start!

“Self Care is not self-indulgence, Self-care is self preservation and political warfare”

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