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Certified organic vitamin
supplements for women

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Organic vitamin subscriptions tailored to your individual health & wellbeing needs

Our certifications

Our founder

Tonya Lewis Lee created Movita to help women gain a baseline of good nutrition, and a practice of positive choices that support a lifestyle of well-being. For Tonya, Movita is a platform to continue the conversation about finding balance and to offer a tool to help women as they work through this process.

The Movita team

The Movita difference

Movita organic supplements support your vitality, beauty, and energy to win the day.

Pure organic

Always organic, never synthetic. Made with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

High absorption

Patented fermentation process creates nutrient rich supplements with higher bioactivity than conventional vitamins.

Gentle on
empty stomachs

Fermented to remove toxins and oxidants.

Full traceability

Every ingredient is tested and logged to ensure the best quality in every Movita product.

Made in USA

Movita vitamins are 100% organic and fermented for optimum performance

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Women's Multivitamin

Simply take one-a-day to power your day.
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Vitamin D3 2500 IU

Enhance your natural beauty
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Our brand ethos

Everyone’s paths, goals, and bodies are unique. That’s why we’ve created a formula that meets the nutritional needs for any woman’s body. We’ve made our vitamins gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, meat-free, and allergen-free from shellfish and nuts so everyone can take them.

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Making better health easy for women everywhere

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Movita community wellness resources

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Word of mouth

  • I swear by these multivitamins. They could be a placebo, who knows, but I definitely feel like they give me good energy. The ingredients list is all plant-based things. Everything’s natural; everything’s organic.

    Regina King

  • My health is very important to me. I’ve tried just about every multivitamin that is out there and none of them have helped me like MOVITA. It is completely organic. I don’t get an upset stomach when I take it…I just feel better. I’ve got more energy. I just can feel the difference that it’s making.

    Robin Roberts

  • I have been using Movita vitamins for close to three months now and I finally believe I have come across a multivitamin that works for me. With other multivitamins I either don’t notice a difference in how I feel or I become nauseous. With Movita I don’t feel sick and I always notice a bump in my energy and mental clarity. I’m hooked for life. Thank you Movita!

    Erykah St. Louis

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